Masuria Murders – Friend or Foe?

Cyber entrepreneur Maslowski is shot dead in his bungalow. “Zero Trust,” the victim’s business tenet, could also go to Dr. Viktoria Wex fit: The forensic scientist prefers to rely on forensic methods instead of people. When she clearly identifies the pistol of her neighbor and friend Leon Pawlak as the murder weapon, Viktoria has no doubts about the shocking KTU result. Leon, who protests his innocence, is now caught up in a maelstrom of suspicions. Even his ex-wife, Commissioner Kowalska, is finding it increasingly difficult to have him investigated. Viktoria comes …

Cast: Claudia Eisinger, Sebastian Hülk, Karolina Lodyga, Bela Gabor Lenz, Paula Kroh, Katarzyna Maciag, Patryk Brzoza

Directed by Sven Taddicken
Written by Nadine Schweighardt
Produced by Odeon Fiction für ARD/Degeto

2023 / 89mins