1993, 11mins, VHS+Super 8

In diary form, „Spray“ tells the tale of a love affaire in an insecticide factory. Between pesticides and spray cans a short romance flares up in the rapture of solvents.

My first film that was not only watched by my friends and relatives. And the first film that traveled to youth film festivals to won a bunch of prizes. Today I know, that this recognition was the start for me to make films. Often about unusual love stories. ST

Cast: Isabelle Frank and Frank Böttger

Written, directed, photographed and edited by Sven Taddicken

Hauptpreis Bundesweiter Wettbewerb ‘Jugend und Video’ 94
Up-and-coming European Cinema Hannover 95: Förderpreis
Junger Film Braunschweig 95: Gold
UpTo21-Warszawa 96: 1.Preis