Stay Like This

2002, 15mins, b/w, 35mm

A young girl steals a car and drives to the Baltic Sea to bury her dead boyfriend…

A short road movie about a first big love and about saying goodbye to it.

Cast: Anna Brüggemann, Hinnerk Schönemann

Written, directed, edited by Sven Taddicken
DOP: Daniela Knapp
Music: Putte, Longjumpmin
Produced by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Wolfgang Kerber + Antje Krutz

Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis in Gold 2003
Filmkunstfest Schwerin 2003: Hauptpreis Kurzfilm
Young Collection Bremen 2003: Kritikerpreis

„A girl and a rifle, that’s all you need for a film, says Godard. So a girl and a corpse in the boot is more than enough.

The number of characters in his humorous film is kept to a minimum: a girl and her boyfriend (who is already dead). The director tasted the indestructible genre of the roadmovie and more than fulfilled his promise.“

Filmfest Rotterdam 2003

Released as an ‘extra’ on the international My Brother The Vampire/Getting My Brother Laid-DVD.

(But… you can also watch it here.)