Berlin – 1st of May

Yavuz wants to grow up. And he wants to join his big brother Nebi on the streets on the 1st of May in Berlin-Kreuzberg. On his way through the initiating chaos, he meets Hary, an old-school left-wing Kreuzberger, with whom he starts to built a crush-barrier on the street. For Hary this will be the height of his protest. For Yavuz it might be just the beginning.

A 30-minute episode for the collective film-project BERLIN 1ST OF MAY by Carsten Ludwig & Christoph Glaser, Sven Taddicken and Jakob Ziemnicki.

Cast: Cemal Subasi, Peter Kurth, Oktay Özdemir, Dagan Süleyman, Bärbel Schwarz, Frank Seppeler, Firat Besleyen

Directed by Sven Taddicken / Written by Michael Pröhl
Produced by Jetfilm / Frisbee Films / Teamworx Television & Film