The Most Beautiful Couple

“A couple grapples with the difficult, lingering trauma of a sexual assault and must work out how to live with that crime, themselves, and each other, in director Sven Taddicken’s intense and emotional dramatic thriller.” Kerri Craddock, Toronto International Filmfestival 2018 Cast: Luise Heyer, Maximilian Brückner, Leonard Kunz, Jasna Fritzi Bauer, Florian Bartholomäi, u.a. Written… Read more »

Original Bliss

Helene Brindel thinks she has lost God, but it is simply love that she’s missing. She can’t find it at home, with the violent, deadly Mr. Brindel. But will she find it in Hamburg when she meets the enigmatic Eduard E. Gluck, with his ‘New Cybernetics’. And his paraphilia? And what happens when her father… Read more »

12 Paces Without A Head

In 2002, right after “My Brother The Vampire”, me and script writer Matthias Pacht had the idea to make a low-budget-pirate movie with modern dialogues. Pirate-flicks didn’t really existed for the last 50 years, and we thought we could only re-visit this genre with irony. And after all, our idea was about something else: The… Read more »

Berlin – 1st of May

Yavuz wants to grow up. And he wants to join his big brother Nebi on the streets on the 1st of May in Berlin-Kreuzberg. On his way through the initiating chaos, he meets Hary, an old-school left-wing Kreuzberger, with whom he starts to built a crush-barrier on the street. For Hary this will be the… Read more »

Emma’s Bliss

In this gorgeously shot feature, Emma is an eccentric free-spirit, who spends joyful days tending her pig farm in the German countryside. With her untamed vitality and love of animals, she is able to turn slaughter-time into a romantic art of compassion. Life would indeed be blissful, if not the bank, threating to foreclose on… Read more »

My Brother The Vampire / Getting My Brother Laid

Heartwarming and burlesque film about a strange family. Head of the incomplete family is 27 year-old Mike. Much of his time is taken up by his brother Josch, who is mentally handicapped: he has the body (and the lusts) of a man, but the mental capabilities of a child. He is the vampire from the… Read more »